[Review] Tari Tari episode 3; Badminton vs. Choir!

Oh my gosh, I didn’t expect to be so interested in every episode of this anime when I started watching! This episode, the guys play badminton against the girls in a game to determine which of their clubs will get 5 members to officially form – losers have to join the winner’s club. It didn’t actually matter, since Miyamoto planned on making a club with both choir and badminton activities no matter which side won in the end, but it was still a really fun way to bring our main cast together!

So far, the most interesting character to me is Sakai, who has a little mystery behind her character. Sakai’s approached by a weird foreigner in this episode, and cripes does her English need work. This must be related to her mother, but we’ll have to wait until next week to know more. We also find out this episode that Sakai’s mother used to be in a choir club at the school, and was apparently so amazing that she changed the principal’s opinion of music entirely. Thank you, Sakai’s mother, for getting the principal on the side of our main characters, because that bitchy vice principal just won’t let up. The vp has some mystery behind her too, and we might sympathize once we find out why she’s so stuck up when it comes to music, but for now she’s a major pain in the ass.

Also, with the guys joining the girls in the choir club, the ending theme changed! So far every ending song has been different, so does that mean this will continue on? If so, I think it’s a great touch to change up the songs for an anime centered around music. It’s so sad to see Sakai sitting by herself when the other four are… sitting close to each other, but still divided between the guys and girls. It’s a great representation of the current character relationships, and I can’t wait to see them finally sit together as a happy group.

Episode rating: 7 / 10 (good)