[Review] Jormungand ep 4 – Musica Ex Machina phase.2

I’m not gonna lie – this has so far been the only episode of Jormungand where I actually understand the intentions behind every character’s action. Still, that’s only because there wasn’t as much going on here than in the previous three episodes, which I’m not going to review since there are parts of it that I can’t understand without the help of Wikipedia’s episode summaries (here in case anyone else needs some help). I will say that this series is one of my favorites of this season since I’m such a sucker for gunfights, but I don’t think it’ll become one of my all-time favorites.

So this week, we get to see the second half of the fight between Orchestra and Koko’s company. It’s a great fight, and obviously Koko’s company win out with no fatalities. The fight also associated us with another one of Koko’s men, Lutz. While I’m glad that the anime didn’t shove all introductions down our throats all at once, it’s a little unbecoming that after four episodes, I can remember both Chinatsu’s name and character better than that of any one of Koko’s bodyguards with the exception of Jonah and Valmet, and that’s only because Jonah’s the main character and Valmet’s personality can’t become much more distinctive.

Speaking of Valmet and distinctive personalities, are we ever going to get a female character in this show who isn’t insane? So far, the number of crazy women in this show stack up to four for four with Koko, Valmet, Mildo, and Chinatsu, but Jormangand’s Wikipedia page (Use Wikipedia for ALL the info!) lists a couple female characters who we haven’t seen yet, so hopefully they’ll break this pattern.

Overall, another exciting episode – and finally one that I understood well enough to review!