[First Impressions] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita / Humanity Has Declined episode 1

If you don’t see anything else this season, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS CLIP.

Shh. Don’t ask why. Just appreciate. Now on to the first impression/review.

What I expected: A lighthearted anime with a weird (in a good, funny way) humor

What I got: A seemingly lighthearted anime with weird (in a dark, creepy way) humor

The episode started off really weak, and if I didn’t see the pv beforehand, I would have stopped watching after a few minutes because it gave no promising substance. I’m really glad I watched that pv beforehand, because its decent from innocent moe-girls into bleeding bread robot is beyond words. It does get really boring at parts, but it has its… moments. The fairies that I thought were so cute talking about starvation with their big pasted smiles for one (see Nightmare Fuel). Then there’s the image of headless, plucked-bald chickens running around. Plus the golden Bread Guide scene.

Yup, this anime is definitely interesting. The protagonist voices over basically the whole time, and I got tired of her voice halfway through, but her unexpectedly sardonic personality is mildly humorous.

Episode rating: 6 / 10 (“fine”, but only because it fluctuated so much between weirdly interesting and deadpan boring)

Review status: Most likely episodic.