[Review] Arcana Famiglia episode 4; Enough is enough…

Okay, I’ve been really lenient on this anime for the past two episodes, but now I have to wonder, what was the point of introducing the tournament if they’re not planning to build on it? The first episode was so different from how this anime apparently is. Felicita at first seemed like an independent tough chick, but she’s done nothing impressive in these past few episodes. If she doesn’t want to get married, why isn’t she training to win the tournament instead of doing pointless things like running errands and returning kittens? Even though none of the characters have cared about the family duel since episode 1 (with the small exception of Liberta training in this episode, but that was more about getting stronger than the duel), Felicita of all people should have the most motivation to win. I mean, she could get her freedom taken away! Why is she so unrealistically carefree despite that?

Also, Arcana powers aren’t explained well. From this episode, it seems like they’re born with the powers, but didn’t they have to make a deal with a card to get powers? It’s confusing.

The character development has so far been okay, particularly with Liberta’s backstory this episode, but come on, the plot needs to get going already.

Episode rating: 6 / 10 (Fine)


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