[Review] Natsuyuki Rendezvous episode 3


Yup, I officially cried during this episode. The first tears of many.

I’m not longer so sure that a relationship with Hazuki would be healthy for Rokka, nor fair to Hazuki. Rokka is nowhere near over Atsushi, and she keeps thinking about him even when she’s with Hazuki, so I don’t think she’s ready for a relationship yet. If she ends up falling for Hazuki because he reminds her of her deceased husband, that would be incredibly unfair, so I hope she can begin to see him for who he is.


Meanwhile, Hazuki… Making out with a guy’s wife right in front of him? That’s a pretty indecent thing to do. Then again, the other choice would be to leave Rokka alone because of the gripings of a ghost. Regardless, I can completely understand Atsushi’s rage – I was even hoping that he’d finally be able to do something instead of being a helpless bystander, and yes, he was able to! Let’s just hope he won’t abuse his newfound ghost powers.

We also got to see how Rokka and Atsushi’s relationship was like, which makes it even harder for me to be on Hazuki’s side. Rokka and Atsushi really do have an undying love, but right now, it’s just hurting everyone.

Episode rating: 8 / 10 (Very Good)


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