[Review] Arcana Famiglia episode 3; I didn’t know this was a Slice of Life anime!

It’s kind of weird that all the characters look so badass, but the storyline is… relatively normal. I mean, the first episode got me all pumped up to see some Arcana power action in the big tournament, but then episodes 2 and 3 switch genres into Slice of Life! The mood, plot, and gags are all very, well, slice of life-y. It’s not that I mind it, but with everyone suited up all the time, I really want to see some action in this anime!

The character development in this episode was fantastic. Now, we can link Butler, Creepy Cyclops, and Hungry Hungry Hippo together (Luca, Debito, Pace), which makes the character cast that much easier to remember. Liberta and Nova get their moments, and now Nova’s not just a broody guy, and Liberta’s not just some kid who can’t control his powers. It’s probably just the hair colors, but they remind me very very very slightly of Sasuke and Naruto. But seriously, I liked the character development in this episode so much that I’ll even go so far as to say it redeemed the terrible character introductions in episode 1.

What was most interesting to me in this ep was the mysterious new kid on the island, Elmo. I liked him immediately, even though it was kinda hard to take him seriously after he said his name was Elmo. The episode ended rather suddenly after he disappeared into the rain, but Mr. Dark Glasses (sorry, forgot his name and too lazy to go look for it) looked up at someone off-shot, so I guess we can assume it was Elmo? Gosh, I wanna know more about this kid than any other character right now. Like, why hasn’t any of the other children seen him around? Why didn’t he join the other kids at the party? Does he have a crush on Felicita? (because it sure seemed like that was what he was talking about with that whole i’ve-never-felt-this-pain-in-my-chest-before talk)

Crossing my fingers for some action next week.

Episode rating: 7 / 10 (Good)


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