[Review] Tari Tari episode 2

Running with no clear destination in mind, just like the plot?

Woah. What just happened?

Episode 1 ended with the 5 main characters meeting up together, in a collision-of-fate way, and I was sure that those 5 would make up the choir club. I mean, come on – there’s 5 characters, and a club needs 5 members to form? I was just thinking that this was the most obvious plotline in the world when instead, they start talking over each other, and then the guys split from the girls and don’t reappear for the rest of the episode. The choir club actually gets made up of the Miyamoto, Sawa, Sakai, Miyamoto’s brother, and a few other random characters who aren’t important.

At this point, I was still sure that Wien and Mr. Forever-alone-playing-badminton would eventually come and join the choir, but then all of sudden, it’s the day of the big recital! Wha- I… what happened? I thought that the whole plot was going to about preparing for the recital, trying to get accepted to perform, and sorting out Sakai’s problems in the meanwhile, but we’re only on the second episode and the recital’s already here? Where’s the story going to go from now, and how are the two dudes supposed to fit in?

It felt like a final episode, especially when the credits were shown during their singing. There were even resolved conflicts, like Miyamoto overcoming her stage fright and Sakai getting involved in the club. Part of me really thought the series was going to end after this second episode!

I’m just not sure what to think. I thought it was going to be A to Z, from starting the choir club to the big recital performance, but now what? The guys will reenter the story but maybe stay unconnected to the choir club, and with no idea of where this is going, I just hope the plot won’t fly all over the place.

Episode rating: 7 / 10 (good)


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