[First Impressions] Tari Tari episode 1

What I expected: A girly anime that has nice art. I expected nothing regarding its plot.

What I got: A slice of life school anime that keeps me interested enough to watch, though I’ll probably never be pumped waiting for the next episode.

I was actually very surprised that I found the episode to be as enjoyable at I did. The characters get introduced in at a reasonably good pace, and they all have their own quirks. Miyamoto Konatsu is an energetic, upbeat girl who wants to make a new music club so she could sing in front of the school. Konatsu’s best friend, Okita Sawa, does archery. Very similar in terms of looks to Sawa is Sakai Wakana, who for some reason refuses to sing. Tanaka Taichi is, forever alone, the only member of the badminton club. Maeda Atsuhiro (“Wien”) just moved back to Japan after living in Austria for twelve years. I have to say, the transfer student thing is a little cliche, but Wien’s funny enough that it doesn’t matter.

I really liked that the anime started off with something as heartwarming a class-coordinated surprise for a pregnant teacher on her last day, and hopefully there will be more of these nice moments to come

Also apparently, three girls and two guys seem to be the magic formula. (Kokoro Connect, Harhi Suzumiya…)

Episode rating: 6 / 10 (fine)

Review status: Sporadic?


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