[First Impressions] Arcana Famiglia episode 1

What I expected: A fun reverse harem with interesting, quirky characters, decent action, and nice looking artwork.

What I got: Too many characters being introduced nearly simultaneously and 22 minutes of them explaining their powers to each others. Also, it’s nowhere as grand as its fancy title suggests.

Seriously, this is one of the worst first episodes that I’ve watched, as far as information-introducing goes. In the action scene that the episode starts with, the characters come in like boom, boom, boom, followed by everyone unnecessarily repeating each others’ names at every available opportunity. Two words: slow down. Later on, the main characters name off each others’ Arcana Powers for no reason at all except to tell the audience, which is just flat out sloppy writing.

Even so, I still have some hope for this series. It is adapted from an otome game, so some information squeezing is to be expected. The characters aren’t that interesting to me as of yet, but there was clearly no time for any character development in this first episode anyway, so I’ll wait for next week and hope for the best.

Episode rating: 4 / 10 (needs work)

Reviewing status:
Most likely episodic if it redeems itself.


2 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Arcana Famiglia episode 1

  1. silleist review ever. if you reed wat ovr ppl say its one of the BEST first eps -_- you need work

    • This is my own personal opinion. I saw room for improvement, and if the people whose reviews you read thought otherwise, then okay. (By the way, which people are you talking about? I’ve read a few reviews and nobody seemed to LOVE it.)

      Also, I only considered it one of the worst 1st eps if looked at pacing alone.

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