Sankarea anime overview

Sankarea in one screencap. Cute, but disappointing, though the backgrounds are great.

This anime has too many backstories, and too much wasted potential with them.

In episode 7, we get a backstory on Ranko’s childhood crush on Chihiro.  I actually started to like the Chihiro-Ranko pairing a little, even though it’s cousin-cest. Until then, Ranko was basically just the boob-girl of the show and little else, but that episode brought actual depth to her. She has emotions! Motives! For crying out loud, insecurities too?

…And then she reappreared in episode 8 doing nothing except be naked in a bathhouse. Great character handling, really.

In episode 10, Rea’s stepmom, Aria, gives Chihiro a rundown of her and Dan’ichiro’s backstory, and suddenly, I felt sorry for the show’s two biggest douchebags. Poor Aria, drowning her sorrows because her husband won’t pay any attention to her. Poor creepy Dan’ichiro, chasing the last bits of his dead wife in Rea. Does the anime expand much on this? No. Dan’ichiro’s out of the plot immediately after, and Aria is still a she-jerk when we see her again in episode 12.
In episode 9, we get an entire 22 minutes dedicated to Mero, which was pointless.

Sankarea will probably get a season 2 eventually, but I mostly likely won’t be watching. Not with the way the plot’s been handled.


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