[Review] Sakamichi no Apollon / Kids on the Slope episode 7 – Now’s The Time

Only the best opening line to any episode ever!

This episode rocked. I mean, any episode that begins with the line gloriously displayed above can’t possibly be disappointing, but seriously, it was great.

The two princes.

The meat of this episode is the live jamming Kaoru and Sentaro do in front of the whole school. People literally jumped out of windows to hear them play! Sure, it wasn’t anything groundbreaking (at least not to those who didn’t know Kaoru was playing My Favorite Things mixed with Someday My Prince Will Come mixed with Moanin’, which was all of the audience except Ri’ko), but it must have been the coolest thing to happen in that reserved uniform-wearing Japanese academy for a long time.

I did feel really bad for Seiji, but hopefully he takes the upstaging as an inspiration rather than  discouragement to his dreams.

Also, do I dare say Ri’ko’s friends… ship her with Kaoru? Haha. Oh, how oblivious they are to this anime’s unyielding cruelty toward ships. I mean, look what happened to Sentaro and Yurika in this episode…


What did you think?

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