[Review] Sakamichi no Apollon / Kids on the Slope episode 8 – These Foolish Things

A moment of silence for Jun’s hotness please.

Jun. Buddy. You were the hottest f-ing character in this show. When you sang But Not For Me back in episode 4 – heck when you even just said the English words “But Not For Me” – my heart fricking stopped with Yurika’s. I’m not saying your rebel streak isn’t good, or even that it isn’t okay to be down in the slumps, but for the sake of the last remaining shreds of your hotness, please, cut your hair. And take that cigarette out of your mouth while you’re at it. You’re too hot to get shriveled lungs.

Sentaro, poor baby, it’s alright. Okay, no it’s not, your first love got stolen by your brotherly role model, but at least you know that Ri’ko likes you now! Except that, no, she’s somehow crushing on the guy she rejected, since apparently chicks all dig a piano man. Messy business. With the way things are going, Yurika-Jun will probably make it to endgame, and since Kaoru, our main f-ing character, will definitely end up with his love interest, who does that leave Sentaro with?



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