[Review] Legend of Korra episodes 11 &12 Season Finale – Skeletons in the Closet, Endgame

I started reviewing Legend of Korra with post disliking the first one-hour premiere, and it apparently I’ll have to end reviewing season 1 of Legend of Korra disliking the one-hour finale. Seriously, if you’re trying to find a review that has absolutely nothing bad to mention about this finale, I wish you good luck, because Luffy may very well find his treasure before you find yours.

Before I get into the disliking though, I can’t express my grief over not posting my Amon theories ahead of time, because I so called Amon being a waterbender, but I have no proof to support it. Darn.

We start off with General Iroh kicking some butt, taking out Hiroshi Sato’s new airplanes, which was cool, but Iroh II has no real purpose in this finale other than taking down airplanes.

There’s also the Noatak and Tarrlok backstory, which I actually enjoyed simply for how much it made me care for those assholes. However, the story is introduced too late. A flashback in the finale, really? If only LoK was allowed one more episode, so that episode 11 stands on its own and not as part of a finale, that would have been much, much better, because as it is now, it seems like something the creators spat out too fast to wrap things up. Plus, the story never truly explains how Noatak went from bloodbender to being Amon. He did mention something about equality very quickly, but the connection is weak.

I have very mixed feelings about Amon capturing the four airbenders. The writers needed Amon to do something huge at this rally if they were going to write Mako and Korra in there to confront Amon, and in that perspective I think the capture of the four airbenders was an excellent choice and a real shocking moment of the finale, but what was Lin Beifong’s sacrifice worth if they got captured anyways? I’d rather they wrote this part out, because the general plot of the finale could have worked without it.

Does Korra go avatar state as she’s about to get her bending taken away? No. Does she go avatar state as Mako’s about to get his bending taken away? No, but she airbends. How? I don’t know. The general speculation of Amon’s debending is that he uses bloodbending to block a chi point, which prevents bending. In that case, shouldn’t Korra have gotten all her bending taken away rather than just the three she used up until that point? Even if we ignore that, just because Korra had only airbending left as an option doesn’t mean she should somehow be able to apply it. Remember, Korra has not been able to airbend for this entire season because she’s not spiritual enough, and having her other three bendings taken away from her shouldn’t have changed that. If you didn’t notice how she airbends, she punches a wisp of air towards Amon, which seems much more firebending style than airbending. It just makes no sense, and I feel slightly insulted by the fact that we’re expected to gloss over it.

Amon/Noatak and Tarrlok’s death scene, I’ll admit, was the one wonderfully,though tragically, written part of this finale. (And once again, I’d like to reiterate how this is not a kid’s show) Great job on that, Bryke, making us hate them, then making us like them, then breaking our hearts by killing them.

I don’t even want to talk about the ending. Even in Legend of KORRA, Aang saves the day? I couldn’t even feel touched seeing our little bald boy all grown up and among the ranks of all the other avatars, because the whole time, I was silently begging, “No no no no no don’t just give it to her like that!” The series finale of A:tLA was Deux Ex Machina enough, but again with LoK? I just…can’t.

Now, finally, Makorra. It finished with no development, no substance, and no… wholeness. Did Mako even break up with Asami? As Sokka would say, “You know, it was really unclear.”

Oh, that’s right, I forgot about Asami, another gaping flaw in this finale. This whole time, I thought there must have been some way Asami could contribute to the plot other than adding a love triangle to the series (because let’s admit, even though Asami kicked a lot of butt, the writers could have written around that), but apparently not. The sad face screencap is meaningless, as is pretty much her entire character to the plot, and it makes me wonder, why did the writers even make Asami if all they’re going to do is make her suffer for no reason? I was hoping she’d get with Iroh II or something so she could at least get a happy ending after Mako, her manwhore boyfriend, cheated on her and then broke up with her, but gosh, nothing.

Overall, I was seriously disappointed. In my opinion, this finale wasted so much potential.


2 thoughts on “[Review] Legend of Korra episodes 11 &12 Season Finale – Skeletons in the Closet, Endgame

  1. Jelly,
    Take a breath. Meditate. Ask yourself, “What would Aang do?” (my humble answer: He picked Love over power) And then I’d urge you to try to look at the world as “half-full” instead.

    • Okay, the half-full part I need to work on, but my issue wasn’t with anything Korra did, more with how the finale was written. I’m just really frustrated it ended that way after being built up for such a long time.

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