[Review] Hyouka ep 5: I scream for ice cream

[The Truth of the Historic Classic Literature Club]

This has been my favorite episode of Hyouka so far. The truth behind the Classic Club’s past is revealed, and as it turns out, Chitanda’s uncle, Sekitani Jun, was unwillingly offered up as a sacrifice, made out to seem like the student body’s revolution leader so he could take all the consequences while the real puppeteers got away scotch-free (which is such terrible, awful bs). The mystery behind the anthology Hyouka’s cover art, a rabbit dragging a wolf down with itself while many other rabbits watch in the background, is also explained: the lone rabbit martyr is Chitanda’s uncle fighting the beast of the school administration while his friends and acquaintances watch on. If that’s not haunting enough, the reason why the anthology is called Hyouka is because Hyouka is Japanese for “ice cream,” a pun for “I scream.” It’s a lame pun, like Houtarou himself says in the episode, but given the context and especially, Houtarou’s strangely creepy thin cursive writing, it still sent a shiver down my spine.

The conclusion is pretty satisfying, but I was surprised that this mystery was over so quickly, since it dealt with so many pieces that we knew from the very beginning, like the name “Hyouka,” Chitanda’s uncle, and even a little of Houtarou’s sister. I guess we’re back to small mysteries.


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