[Review] Legend of Korra ep 9 – Out of the Past

So, so much more than I’d ever hoped for.

We get to know the entire Yakone story, which is such a miracle considering Korra has had the spiritual ability of a stick up until now. It’s nice to know that Toph, though matured, still teased Aang like they were kids, and Sokka was… well, not anywhere near the funny guy we remember from TLA, but not as serious as Aang has gotten either. Oh, and that spinning air ball trick has evolved into a really intense move! I was a little disappointed that Yakone ended up being dealt with exactly the same way as Fire Lord Ozai, which seemed a little repetitive to me, but hey, how else are you going to deal with a bloodbender? Gosh, I remember when waterbending was peaceful compared to earth and firebending. What, are we going to see people being suffocated by airbending next?

“I don’t have any cavities, doctor, I swear!”

But one more thing on Yakone: did anyone notice how this time, when Aang took away someone’s bending, there was none of the glowy-eyes-beams or my-spirit-is-going-to-overcome-your-spirit stuff going on? I mean, that was one of the main reasons why people (including me) thought Amon was a fake who could only do something similar to, but not permanent like spiritbending. Now I’m pretty scared that Amon might be able to do the real thing.



So much douchbaggery and badassery together in one picture.

Speaking of Amon, let’s put aside his evilness for a second and just marvel at how absolutely badass he was against Tarrlok, which was a face-off that I’d been dying to see. Even when being bloodbended, the douchebag overcame it and kept walking forward! Seriously, who didn’t love Amon right then? (Think along this logic: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.) Well, okay, he still wanted to deal with Korra, which we should give a huge round of applause to for thinking so quick on her feet when she heard they were electrocuting the platinum box. How did a girl who lived in the North Pole her whole life even learn about electricity and conductivity, I wonder? Well, no matter. Our baby girl did good. 🙂

Lin Beifong being a badass as usually, breaking into and out of the Equalists’ underground HQ, doing in maybe two hours what Tarrlok and Chief Saikon couldn’t do with an entire police force for weeks. Also, Asami getting really jealous now of Korra and Mako’s relationship. I’m still a little iffy because of that unhappy, guilty expression she made in episode 5, but that’s starting to make no sense to me as she seems like a definite player for Team Korra now, so… I guess maybe it was something she ate that day?

Till next week!


2 thoughts on “[Review] Legend of Korra ep 9 – Out of the Past

  1. “How did a girl who lived in the North Pole her whole life even learn about electricity and conductivity… ?”

    Apparently she didn’t learn enough to know that she would have been fine without having to hoist herself up. lol

    • Oh yeah, I guess if the bottoms of her shoes are insulators, then she would’ve survived just by standing… but her way looks more boss. xD

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