[Review] Hyouka ep 4: Flatter than a stomped-on pancake

[The Past Days of Glorious Classic Literature Club]

The Thinker

I think Hyouka is, all in all, a victim of its adaptation content.

I’ve really come to appreciate the art style of Hyouka. Hyouka’s Wikipedia page says that it’s produced by Kyoto Animation, which, fyi, also produced The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya which is one of my favorites (not to mention my childhood favorite, InuYasha <3) so nice job, KA! Something about the characters’ hair, especially, really appeal to me, and of course, the sequences when the four Classics Club members were explaining their theories to each other were really creatively made. However! They’re a little like the Prezi presentations that my English teacher uses: flashy and engaging, but just CANNOT make up for how snorefully boring the content is. Blah blah, maybe there was a conflict, blah blah, violence broke out, blah blah blah, no there wasn’t violence but, blah, I’m just a database who can’t make conclusions. As an adaptation, that can’t be helped, so props again to KA for doing their best.

All I can say story-wise is… it’s getting there. It looks like they’re done solving little mysteries around the school, but the episodes are still going at a “get at least one thing solved every 22 minutes” kind of pace. That’s really more suited for Detective Conan, where the episodes aren’t usually continuous with each other, but that still falls on the mysteries not being interesting enough to support an entire episode. (So in case you missed it, the content falls flat again!)

Another thing: It’s becoming really obvious how forced-together the character cast is, and by that I mean that these characters, if they were real people, would never sit around brainstorming the details of something that happened 40-some years ago. Houtarou’s reason is kind of given (he somehow can’t say no to Chitanda), but I can’t see people like Ibara or, especially, someone as high-energy as Fukube doing something so… boring. I’ve had more fun making up writing science reports.

And heck, if Houtarou’s always going to solve it in the end anyways, what’s the point of even having the others? Just crown him head detective and be done with it. That kid is practically the incarnation of Holmes!


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