[Review] Legend of Korra ep 7 – The Aftermath

I apologize for my lateness with this review, but to be honest, I wasn’t even planning on writing it after I saw the episode. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but I just didn’t have particularly strong feelings about anything. It was pretty straightforward, and there’s not much for me to add. Tahno’s a poor mess, Mako was a douche for thinking Korra would actually raid someone’s house out of jealousy, Asami was perfect, Lin Beifong was really boss even though Hiroshi the Evil Corporate Leader Sato’s platinum robots, Tenzin’s air wheel move may just be his signature airbending move (I don’t know which official source said this, but from what I heard from other fans, airbenders need to come up with a signature move to earn their tattoos), Asami was perfect, the pool scene was fun, the race track scene made Asami seem kind of evil but she was perfect, Asami pulled a cool trick on her father so she was perfect, and oh, did I mention that Asami was perfect?

Alright, so there was a lot to talk about, but forget everything, I’m just going to focus on Asami because I’m human and kind of lazy.

If you’ve read my shipping review on the fourth episode, The Voice in the Night, which is the episode where Asami first appears, you’ll know that I really want to hate Asami for being the sinker of my Makorra ship. But alas, the girl is flawless. After watching this episode, I was aware that she was now kickass awesome as well as gorgeous and nice, but I still couldn’t bring myself to like her. Just when I was certain it was selfish personal bias that was clouding my eyes, I revisited my review of the 5th episode, and lo and behold!

Asami looking guilty as SIN after Korra thanks her for the Satos’s sponsorship of the Fire Ferrets

I knew it! I knew I had a good reason, and this is it! Folks, Asami may have surprised us by first being clueless about Hiroshi’s Equalist plans, and then even more so when she electrocuted her own father and took out Amon’s lieutenant like it was a walk in the park (another big blow to anti-Asami Korra fans when you consider how much longer Korra took to battle out the lieutenant on the pro-bending arena rooftop in episode 6), but as long as I have this screenshot, I can convince myself that there is still good reason to doubt this girl’s intentions, though she is starting to look like the final candidate for the Krew’s fourth member. But no matter, there is still something very off about her looking so sad at the mention of her father supporting the Fire Ferrets, and this is before she supposedly “just found out” that it was Hiroshi’s cover. In fact, I’m skeptical about the sponsorship being nothing but a cover, but that’s just a blind theory.

And that’s my contribution to this week’s episode discussion, guys. Don’t trust Asami so much just yet, and I’ll see you back here next week when hopefully my review will be on time.

Oh, and one more thing.



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