[Review] Legend of Korra Episode 6 – And the Winner Is…

This was definitely the most action-filled episode yet. And it was phenomenal.

Seriously, how cool was Lin Beifong? Just… I can’t even explain it. Go watch the episode, then watch it again, and then one more time to really make sure you caught everything. The moves she put out don’t even seem possible sometimes, but do you question the physical possibilities of Beifong badassery? No, you don’t, because Beifong is Beifong and that is all the explanation you need.

Toph would have been so proud. We get to see some more of her again in a few flashbacks that Korra gets when she’s semi-unconscious. Whatever went down between Aang and Yakone is still unclear, but with these flashbacks (and the fact that this episode marks the halfway point of Book One: Air), Korra may be very close to finally contacting Aang, and that’ll definitely give us some answers.

We do learn something interesting: Tenzin and Lin had a thing together. Yup, there you go, fandom, give yourselves a big round of applause, because all of you guys who called out Tenzlin were right! Goodness Bryke, you even messed with the Pemzin ship, and those two are married! Well, it doesn’t seem like we’re likely to know how they grew apart since Tenzin cut us off right there and I can’t imagine Lin talking about her romantic past with anybody, but it’s nice to see a fandom theory being right for once!

What is Tahno without his bending?

Speaking of theories, after last episode, there was some speculation on the possibility that Tahno may be a bloodbender, because hey, if there are enough metalbenders to fill up a police force and enough lightningbenders that they work in factories for little pay, why wouldn’t bloodbending be more common? This theory seems to be wrong, since Tahno demonstrated no such ability anywhere in the pro-bending match, which is a pity because it would have explained how the Wolfbats won their match in Ep. 5 in such record time. Well, even if Tahno had been holding back, I guess we’ll never know because thanks to Amon, Tahno is now a non-bender.

Once again, I must restate my belief that this show is not for kids. Equalists electrocuting people? Amon taking away the Wolfbats’ bending? The horrifying screams in the background as the Fire Ferrets are dragged out of the water and the audience realizes they’re being held hostage? This is the stuff of nightmares, and I really can’t believe that the show’s target demographic is 8 to 12-year-olds.

Still, where one theory dies, another arises, so here’s something for you all to think about while we wait for the next episode: Amon had planned to debend the winners of the pro-bending match, no matter who it was. Additionally, someone had paid off the match referees to ignore all the Wolfbat’s dirty tricks so that the Fire Ferrets would have a hard time winning. Is this a coincidence, or did someone have knowledge of Amon’s plans and tried to protect the Fire Ferrets?

Keep thinking, and I’ll see you guys back here next week!


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