Zuko’s Alive!

Just last weekend, Nickelodeon revealed a couple interesting facts in the online Legend of Korra game. For one, Skoochy, the young boy we saw getting money from Mako like a pro is an orphan and- Oh, forget the small talk. ZUKO’S ALIVE!

Zuko's statue in Republic City

That’s right, people! After so long of nerve-wracking anxiety, wondering who else in our beloved Gaang is still around like Katara and who… well, isn’t… bless the creators, we finally have an answer! The statue of Zuko in Republic City that we saw last episode (see picture above) sure caused a lot of doubt that Zuko would still be alive if he already has a monument, but it looks like Republic City just wanted to honor their two founders asap. According to Avatar the Last Airbender Online, Zuko stepped down as Fire Lord three years prior to the beginning of the series and is now traveling the world as an ambassador for peace while his daughter (with Mai?) is the current Fire Lord.

Hopefully, this new update means we’ll get to see old Zuko and meet his daughter as well. If Zuko and Mai really did end up married, what do you think their daughter’s like? With a dad who lived with an inferiority complex until his late teenage years and a mom who only started to break out of her emotionally-repressed shell near the end of TLA, she could very well be just as uptight and serious as Lin Beifong (what exactly made her that way, I wonder?) Or, if Zuko and Mai gave their kid the happy childhood they never got, their daughter could be completely different.

Whatever her personality is, one thing’s for sure. With those parents – or, with Zuko as her dad at the least – she has got to be one hell of a fighter.
Speaking of Beifong earlier, a lot of fans thought Toph could be dead already because of the monument reason, but with this new Zuko info, it’s hard to say for sure anymore. I think it might be too much to hope for, but… I don’t know. With any luck, maybe Toph hasn’t joined Sokka just yet.

With any luck, maybe even Earth King Bumi


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