[Review] Legend of Korra ep. 3 – The Revelation

What an all across perfect episode! The show’s starting to get pretty dark now, and an enormous list of things in this episode more than deviate from being kid-friendly. Bolin working for the Mafia, turf wars, young street kids who are skilled in getting money from information exchange (in fact, financial problems in general were presented rather maturely)… the list goes on. I had been a little nervous that LOK’s darker themes will end up stripping it of the charm we had seen with TLA, but after this episode, I’m positive it won’t.

Boy, the creators couldn’t have been any less subtle with Makorra in this episode. Even if Mako did somewhat hint at the possibility of Borra with his line “Probably making a house call,” Makorra is definitely canon. Definitely canon.

We also get to see some serious action in this episode, with plenty of running and fighting. I won’t go on describing all the action scenes because that would be a good part of the half-hour episode, but we get to see some pretty good stuff. An especially spectacular scene is the one where Amon (if you haven’t seen the episode yet, close the window NOW!) takes away Lightning Bolt Zolt’s firebending. The blue lightning reduced to regular red fire to finally, nothing at all was pretty heartbreaking to see.

Bolin tied up with three members of the Triple Threat Triad

Amon’s debending is insane, and the Equalist movement would be sensible if not for this. I mean, we’re talking about taking away a part of someone here. It might appear that Amon is being generous in letting the benders have a fighting chance to keep their bending, , but he knew full and well that he could take on the four Triple Threat Triad members and Bolin, no sweat. Even though the TTT are gangsters and criminals, you can’t help but feel sorry to see them tied up like pigs for slaughter. And oh boy, when Bolin’s pushed out to center stage, and Amon turns around from his previous victim to face him… the creators put us right into Bolin’s shoes there. I felt legitimately scared.

And did you notice that without his big brother around to protect him anymore, realizing that for the first time, he’s completely on his own, Bolin resorted to using his charm as his last defense?

Like I said, this show’s not for kids.


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